Uwsp Log Ins (2024)

1. UWSP - logins - University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

  • Student employment portal, student login. SPIN. Stevens Point Involvement Network, student organization portal. StarRez. Student ...

  • accesSPointStudent information system - register for classes, accept financial aid, pay tuition billCampus ReservationsRequest to reserve a room on campus for an event or meeting.CanvasLearning Management SystemDocuSignDocuSign eSignature is a cloud application made available through the Wisconsin DOA (Department of Administration) as a digital signature solution for signing documents.DRC ConnectAccommodation management system for students connected to the Disability Resource Center (DRC)EmailAccess your uwsp.edu email on the webExplorance BlueDashboard for the survey platform used for Student Evaluation of InstructionHandshakeCareer development platformLinkedIn LearningOnline video training library with over 5000 coursesMy UW SystemPayroll/tax information, Web Clock/Time and Absence myPointNavigate (Staff)Navigate (Student)Office 365Microsoft Office Suite online, includes OneDrive, Word, Email, and morePaperCutPrinting balance, job releaseQualtricsQuest (Employer)Student employment portal, employer login.Quest (Student)Student employment portal, student login.SPINStevens Point Involvement Network, student organization portalStarRezStudent housing portalTicketsBuy tickets for events at all three UWSP campuses.WISERFinancial and Account information ZoomVideo Conferencing Suggestions for this list can be sent to webmaster@uwsp.edu.


  • Keep me signed in. Sign in. Questions or Problems? Contact the UWSP IT Service Desk at 715-346-4357 or itsvdesk@uwsp.edu. © 2018 Microsoftwww.uwsp.eduHelp.

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3. Oracle PeopleSoft Sign-in - UWSP

  • To open a new session, please click here. Select your login link: Admitted/Enrolled Students and Faculty/Staff Your Username ends in the format "@uwsp.edu".

  • You must have cookies enabled in order to sign in to your PeopleSoft application.

4. accesSPoint Login Help - Stevens Point

  • Admitted/Enrolled Students and Faculty/Staff. Admitted Students. You have been admitted to UWSP. In your admit packet, your Username is listed on your ...

  • Which link should I click? Admitted/Enrolled Students and Faculty/Staff Applied Students and Delegates Admitted/Enrolled Students and Faculty/Staff Admitted Students You have been admitted to UWSP. In your admit packet, your Username is listed on your Decision Letter. An example of your Username is spoin123@uwsp.edu You must first activate your account here: Activate your UWSP Account Enrolled Students You have enrolled in classes or a continuing student. Students that have graduated are also included in this group.  An example of your Username is spoin123@uwsp.edu You must first activate your account here: Activate your UWSP Account Faculty/Staff You work for UWSP as a Faculty, Staff, or Student worker. An example of your Username is spointer@uwsp.edu You must first activate your account here:Activate your UWSP Account Applied Students and Delegates Applied Students You have either applied for admissions or sent your FAFSA to UWSP. An email will have been sent from info.tech.service.desk@uwsp.edu containing your User ID and password. Your User ID will be an 8 digit number. An example of your User ID is 11599999 Delegates You have been granted Delegate access to view some of your student's student information. After your student has granted you access, you will receive an email from Info.Tech.Service.Desk@uwsp.edu with instructions on how to set up your Delegate account. Your User ID will be your email address you assigned to your new account. An example of your User ID is Dad.Pointer@gmail.com ​ Questions or Problems? Contact the UWSP IT Service Desk at 715-346-4357 or itsvdesk@uwsp.edu.

5. login - GROW | UWSP - Stevens Point

6. PeopleSoft - UWSP

  • Return to Sign In with cookies enabled.If your attempt fails, please contact your System Administrator. Sign in to PeopleSoft. Copyright © 2000, 2022, Oracle ...

  • You must have cookies enabled in order to sign in to your PeopleSoft application.

7. The UW-Stevens Point Family Portal: Login

  • A new way to stay involved with your student and UWSP. · Log in to get started or sign up Forgot password? · Your one-stop shop for:.

  • Access for UW-Stevens Point families sponsored by The Office of Admissions and Recruitment

8. Login | Housing and Residence Life - StarRez Housing

  • UWSP students, use the Student SSO Login to sign into the housing portal. You will need your UWSP student email and password.

  • The StarRez Portal provides students with everything they need to manage their housing applications and other related services.

9. GET - Login - University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point - CBORD

10. Handshake: Sign In

  • University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. UWSP Current Students Login. You can also sign in with your email address. (Please use your .edu address, if applicable ...

  • Launch the next step in your career.

11. Student Login Area

  • Attention Students, Alumni & Faculty. If you have any problem logging in, please reach us now by calling on 18663410915, emailing at. info@uwsp.education.

  • Please provide your username and password to access your student area

12. [PDF] How to Activate Your UWSP Network Account

  • At the top right, under Logins, select “myPoint”. 3. In the left column on the login ... Your unique UWSP logon ID will be displayed for you. After activation ...

13. UWSP Tickets

  • customers. Login. University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Log in as Students / Faculty / Staff to gain access to additional ticket prices. Log in as Students ...

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14. ​UWSP Logins -University of Wisconsin Stevens Access Point

  • How to log into University of Wisconsin Stevens Point( UWSP) · To login to your University of Wisconsin Stevens Point( UWSP) Portal account you will need ...

  • ​UWSP Logins -University of Wisconsin Stevens Access Point

15. Uwsp office 365 login - Evolving State Approaches to Environmental ...

  • 7 days ago · My Account Weblogins - University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point UWSP. UWSP Logins. accesSPoint. Student information system - register for ...

16. Logins and Tools - UW-Parkside

  • Quick access to student, faculty and staff services.

17. UW Credit Union: Web Branch Log In

  • Online Banking with UW Credit Union. Web Branch offers many tools to help simplify your banking experience and make managing your finances easy.

18. Labflow - Login

  • login. Your university email address. Password. visibility_on. Forgot password? Is this your first time here? For full access to the site, you first need an ...

  • You could experience issues with your current browser.

19. 2024 Uwp Canvas Login to on - amcisulasiso.online

  • 11 hours ago · Uwp Canvas Login Uwp Canvas LoginUwsp D2l Login Login Information, Account. University of Wisconsin–Platteville. Uwsp Email Login will ...

Uwsp Log Ins (2024)


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